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Exclusively Italian appreciates that everyone travels for different reasons and with different budgets.  With this in mind, we design trips to Italy that are customized to your specific interests, passions and needs.  From arrival to departure, we'll design a trip that includes accommodations, cultural activities, private tour-guides, transportation and special arrangements to meet your requests.  Whatever your reason for visiting Italy, we'll help make it a memorable one! 

personalized vacations

Whether you want to visit Italy for the first time, or have been many times before, there is always something new to be amazed by!


We'll design a special vacation tailored to your specific interests in the cities you want to explore. Activities such as site-seeing and other experiences (e.g. wine and food tasting) are organized at your own pace.


Accommodations will be selected to match your preferred style, comfort, and special requests.

honeymoons & weddings

In Italy, we believe in love. And every love story deserves a special honeymoon.

We have many romantic ideas for enjoying this special occasion which represents the ultimate experience for celebrating your new life together.

We can organize anything you wish, including your wedding, or even a renewal of vows.

This could be your dream come true!

milestone celebrations

Whether it's that one birthday you  wish to make memorable, or that special anniversary you want to celebrate with someone special, Exclusively Italian can help you plan all the details to make it a truly memorable experience.

From the time you arrive in Italy, all the details from transportation, accommodation and excursions will be ready to go. We can arrange for champagne to greet you, romantic dinners and private visits to hidden gems.

ancestral discovery 

Italian origins? Tell us more and we will reconnect you with your roots.

You will walk where your ancestors once did, you will see where your family lived and you may even meet relatives you didn't know you had.

Only by traveling to your ancestor’s village will you feel part of it and gain a true understanding of your family heritage.

Your story begins with your roots. And visiting them will change your life forever.

family reunions

A gathering with your extended family – even for just a week – can be a great bonding experience that reminds everyone of the important things in life.

Italy is the perfect place for a family reunion with a diversity of places to stay, activities to do, history to learn, culture to experience, and of course, great food and wine.

Exclusively Italian is your resource for helping to make it happen. Let’s get everybody in! 

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