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At Exclusively Italian, we love Italy and we're sure you will, too!


Created by Laura Bianconcini, a native of Rome, Italy, we offer a variety of planning services for those wanting to experience the diversity of Italy. Our expertise comes from decades of first-hand experience, as well as through the many local relationships in Italy we've cultivated over the years.


Exclusively Italian promotes a different style of travel. That is, travel at a relaxed pace where you truly appreciate every single moment of your journey.


Our approach is to work one-on-one with you to fully understand your particular interests, and then develop a travel plan tailored to your specific needs.


Once you are happy with the travel plan, we make all the reservations and coordinate all the logistics in Italy for you.

We also partner with group leaders who are interested in organizing their own group tours or Study Abroad programs. We'll help you define, create and organize the entire program and logistics.

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